Research Interests:

Energy, Industrial Organization, Environmental Economics, Applied Econometrics

Working Papers:

Dynamic Competitive Equilibrium with Persistent Firms” (with Stan Reynolds) (submitted)

"Dynamic Response to Environmental Regulation in Electricity Markets" (R&R)

“Measuring the Price Impact of Retailers: Locations and Brands" (With Jedidiah Brewer and Tim Davies)


“Will Carbon Prices Reduce Emissions in the US Electricity Industry? Evidence from the Shale Gas Experience” (with Erin Mansur) (forthcoming AEJ: Economic Policy)

"Measuring the Environmental Benefits of Wind Generated Electricity”, 2013. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 5(4): 107-33.

"Does Large Scale Military Spending Stimulate Economy? The Implications of WWII Spending for Local Economic Activity.”, (with Price Fishback) 2013. The Economic History Review, Volume 66, Issue 4, pgs 975–992 .

"Bundling, product choice, and efficiency: Should cable television networks be offered a la carte?" with Gregory S. Crawford. Published in Information Economics and Policy, Volume 19, Issues 3-4. Economics of the Media, October 2007, pgs. 379-404.

*All linked papers are working paper versions of the subsequent publication.